Coroplast Sign Printing

Coroplast Signs – Digitally Printed

Screen printed Coroplast signs are great when it comes to “for sale” and other basic signage. However, when you’re really out to grab attention, full colour is the way to go. In this case, Rolex Printing offers Digitally Printed Coroplast Signs, which rely on a much newer printing process.  In this case, state-of- the-art printers are fed artwork, which after being processed by a computer, is then printed directly onto the surface of the coroplast. For artwork with fine images and lots of colors, digital printing is always your best bet.

With two-sided printing as an available option, these signs grab attention from every angle. Available in a multitude of ink colours and printed on durable, double-sided 4mm Coroplast, these high-quality signs come with weather resistant wire frames that make assemble quick and easy.

By strategically placing a number of signs in high traffic areas, Coroplast lawn signs use repetition to help get your message across. With beautiful and strategic signage, Coroplast signs can boost the impact and credibility of your business. In fact, Coroplast election signs are an essential tool in both large and small political campaigns even today.

Our digitally or screen-printed coroplast signs are tough, waterproof, and dent resistant. They resemble the appearance of “plastic cardboard” and are ideal for both outdoor yard signs and indoor point-of-purchase applications.

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