Our Philosophy

A Partnership & Collaborative Approach

Our customers and partners are regarded as key members of Rolex Plastics & Printing extended team. This collaborative approach, centered on common business philosophy and values, results in a united close relationship that drives mutual growth and profitable operations for all. Our customers choose to partner with Rolex Plastics & Printing to benefits from:

  • Enhance their marketing and customer activity
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Access specific manufacturing expertise
  • Competency
  • Speed time to production and market
  • Help our local communities

If you are a printing company with requirements to access our bindery and plastics & vinyl capabilities, no problem, you can trust us to help your firm. We provide services to several printing companies that benefit from our expertise!

 Drive for Excellence

Continuous improvement and quality are constant with Rolex Plastics & Printing. Our brand has stood strong throughout our almost 50 years of manufacturing. Our customers rely on our systems to succeed. We employ a team of quality assurance professionals adhering to high quality industry standards. However our commitment to excellence goes far beyond our quality standards. It is demonstrated in our deep partnership relationships, and in our drive to build products that serve our customer’s needs and add value to their business.

A Commitment to Personal Growth

Rolex Plastics & Printing strongly supports the personal development and growth of each employee within our organization. Decision-making and creative solutions are endorsed and encouraged deep within our business.

Community Involvement – The Power of Connection

The communities in which we serve are also regarded as key members of Rolex Plastics & Printing extended team. We are a believer in giving back, and a supporter of employee- sponsored activities.

Rolex Plastics & Printing is committed to helping improve the quality of life in the communities where we serve. Our community involvement is deep-rooted and encouraged. We aim to increase our community impact by encouraging employee and customer involvement, collaborating with community groups to help them achieve their goals.