Vinyl Wallets

Rolex Vinyl manufactures various types of vinyl wallet holders that fit several industries. This is another subtle effect to advertise and show off your brand to your existing and new customers.

Custom made vinyl wallets and card holders are popular with business who like to increase brand awareness and to help their customers keep documents together or send out membership entitlement details to customers. Vinyl customized wallets are manufactured in various types and are printed in many colours, sizes, and shapes. Regardless of the structure, we will manufacture your, custom-designed, vinyl wallet that is best fit for your business. These promo items are very popular with auto dealers, insurance, banking, and travel & tour orientated businesses, but there are no limitations on their use as any business sector which requires documentation and printed materials could easily find a valuable place in their promotional activity for these custom made vinyl wallets and document folders.

Popular vinyl wallets manufactured include insurance and travel & ticket wallets, passport holders, business card holders, document cases, luggage tags, and portfolios.

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