Decals & Stickers

Rolex Decals & Stickers are popular for branding and labeling with your logo. Die cut vinyl decals are manufactured in various types and are printed in many colours, sizes, and shapes. Branded decals are proven to increase brand customer awareness for added sales to your business.  We use high quality vinyl decals which do not leave and residue once removed.  Full colour die cut vinyl decals are Eco-friendly and are also used for food products labeling & branding.

Logo-Decals are significantly important in branding items for your business, equipment or vehicles. The manufactured decals look good and are bright colours that stick anywhere. We can help you design your custom decals to meet your objectives and ideas.

In the digital era, give your customers swag that they keep. Branded swag helps businesses build awareness and relationships and close deals. Join the latest trend confirming that stickers are clearly trending. The laptop sticker has replaced the business card. Companies want to display their brand and a sticker–especially those from Rolex Plastics & Printing, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes– in a fraction of the cost of a t-shirt or even a business card.

At Rolex Plastics & Printing, we provide the best quality of decals stickers printing that can be shipped to you. We are here to help you any time and any where!

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